What is the processing technology of PVC pipe?

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We produce PVC pipe, in general, the processing process of pvc water pipe fittings is somewhat similar, and the plastic extruder is one of the important equipment for molding processing. However, in practice, it is necessary for us to choose different plastic extruders according to the differences in resin, or use different screws to produce various different types of pvc water supply pipes.

PVC pipe single screw extruders are largely mutated or mutated, and the depth of the screw groove of the mutated screw extruder is shallow from the feeding section to the metering section. The mutant screw extruder is that the depth of the screw groove is unchanged from the feeding section to the metering section, but in the melting section, the depth of the screw groove is suddenly shallow and the pitch is unchanged.

In fact, in the production and processing process of PVC pipe, PVC pipe no matter from which aspect, plasticization is the focus of technology, and the quarrel of plasticization quality determines the quarrel of product quality, therefore, our work has been around plasticization to open. Under the general environment, the production of rigid PVC pipe need to use the twin screw extruder, in addition, the main equipment is the injection molding machine, the screw structure is very unusual. For example, the injection molding process of pvc requires the use of PVC special screws, and cannot use general purpose screws.

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