PEEK is used in compressor components

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PEEK high-performance materials have a variety of excellent properties, so it is favored by the compressor industry. Under the stringent requirements of the compressor industry to extend the life of components and reduce the number of downtime, PEEK materials help to reduce equipment maintenance costs, reduce material weight, reduce noise index, and reduce the use of lubricants or even eliminate the dependence on lubricants.

Compared to 30% glass fiber reinforced nylon, the PEEKGL30 valve components have significant advantages: excellent creep resistance enables load bearing characteristics to be maintained even at exhaust gas temperatures, enabling greater dimensional stability and more reliable performance, higher tensile, bending and compression strength, and reducing the possibility of failure shutdowns due to temperature spikes caused by seal leaks.

At the continuous use temperature of 260 ° C, PEEK material has various characteristics at the same time, so it becomes the ideal material for the star gear (brake rotor) in the screw compressor. The new star-shaped gear design improves thermal expansion and wear resistance by 40% compared to nylon and phenolic resin.

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